Traffic jam blocked the view

June 23, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Evening Post

THOUSANDS of people came away from Woodhouse Moor without seeing the principals or the ceremony.

Their view of the arrival of the Princess Royal was blocked by a traffic jam, and cheers turned to expressions of annoyance.

Two hours before the ceremony was due at 11 a.m., the crowds began to gather in Woodhouse lane opposite the Festival marquee. They were marshalled a full 150 yards away from the centre of activities. Between was the wide strip of grass and the main road.

When the Princess’s car came it turned into the Festival site before thousands had time to raise a cheer.

As the Princess Royal was being greeted by the civic heads, crowds at the Leeds end of the road swept across and blocked he main road.

One tram, two buses, several vans, cars and other vehicles were brought to a stop along Woodhouse Lane, blocking even the long-distance view which thousands of epople on the other side of the side of the road had hope to get.

When the Princess Royal and the Lord Mayors had disappeared inside, the public were allowed across the road.